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Rise Of Fleece Polluted Overpopulated Inner Cities.

The control of mass media to control the public. The left use force, right use money, to control the global markets. In the news they tell you the markets control the prices by supply and demand. They are run by monoplies to sell the lie. The artificially inflated prices by these rulling monopolies for example, extracting petroleum from the ground cost nothing certianly Earth doesn't exact a fee. The oil factories have been there in oil rich areas since mid 1900's monopolizing prices through control of world media and governments, and dissallowing the switch to solar electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, technology that's been around since mid 1900's. The have it both ways from gas profits and dissallowing the switch to clean vehicles.

The majority of people live inhabit the most densely populated most polluted and poorest inner areas of largest cities, and are unable to make changes. For the reasons that they grew up in and don't know any better. Are unable to because they cannot, lacking in knowledge, ability, or social mobility as usually the case. They cannot make a move maybe because as the saying goes, “The Devil You Know Is Better Than The One You Don’t”. Or “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it“. Fear of the Unknown! Or Fear a similar or even worse outcome.

Those who could afford to move to other states already left. The solution to escape responsibility, without caring to do right, is not correct. It temporarily appears thay way until responsibilty catches up again. Everyone has a right and not be hindered to escape harm and be allowed to live in peace.

In areas where dry climates prevail rain is seldom. When it does rain, the air pollution levels drop considerably, however only temporarily especially indoor air. Afterwards the dry polluted conditions return to remain in place until next winter.

GMO Engineered Foods impair human health and nature. Organic Natural Foods are richer in nutrients and do not cause disease. With sick food making people sick, makes big pharma their big profits.

The details the extent of toxic food industry, please read article here.

Global Warming Climate Change (Air-Pollution) events affect a regional area. Hundred’s of years ago people traveled using land animals. Switching to renewable natural energy run motors, from Solar, Wind, Electricity, and Hydrogen, could ameliorate polluting effects on Climate.

Matter is Un-destroyed. Oil removed extracted from underground Earth changes form. As fuel releasing atmospheric gas trapping more Sun light. Melting glaciers, causing extreme weather and air pollution.

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Stop Harmful Misuse Of Technology Spreading Massive Online-EVirus

The Internet was first invented for noble purposes, in aim to continue freedom, peace, trustful, benevolent, safe, and free enjoyment of all.

Everyone and everything started freely and from just simple steps. Advancing, progressing until reaching highest achievements.

Nobody knows everything or whole truths. This evil common practice of profiting dishonestly, from removing, altering, and covering. Otherwise would become simple common things and knowledge!

As Internet became increasingly filled with Scams and Advertising. Search Engines and Social Media online are increasingly untrust worthy. Filled with eviruses, scams, hatered, fear, and fake news. Controlled for profit by unregulated monoplistic coroporations.

Advances made in products are rolled back, or completely back engineered. Features removed intentionally, breaking products and made obselete. As simply as pushing new version updates, changing small bits of code. Given no choice to upgrades in name of security, unawre the device is broken into or made unusable. Just to sell more higher version products or services, for bigger profit margin, just as ransomware.

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